The evolution of Bright is so remarkable that we had to completely revamp our previous case study. When we first introduced the SCORM Cloud API over 10 years ago, this is exactly the vision we had in mind. We wanted people to imagine ways to deliver learning beyond traditional LMS methods.
Tammy Rutherford

Managing Director, Rustici Software

the use of the SCORM integrated into Woo Commerce has been a cost-saving measure for our team. And, we’ve appreciated the support and flexibility of you and your team to support our needs over the years.

Betsy Douglas

TrueSport Operations & Outreach Education Manager, USADA

Aura was a pleasure to collaborate with. During the website design process, they were always on time, kept us on task, and they focused on translating our goals for the website into a cohesive look that visually communicated in images and text what we wanted to convey.

You made the whole website creation experience for us as easy as possible, and even fun.

Thank you for everything,

Sheryl Gross-Glaser

Director, National Center for Applied Transit Technology

Bright does not require an Administrator or an owner.  I think that’s really unique.  It’s very user-centric, not administrator-centric.

Terry Dale

Managing Director, Penman Communications

Working with the ELM/AURA team has been a great experience. Ant and Bret walked us through every step of the process and their expertise led to a vast improvement in our website. Looking forward to continuing this relationship as we move forward.
Charles Dickson

Deputy Director, Community Transportation Association of America

Not a traditional LMS, Bright is a highly configurable SCORM Cloud-based learning platform that embeds LMS functionality into any platform, and has a WordPress plugin

Trimeritus List of E-Learning Vendors

I’m happy now with the way [our site] works.  As I may have told you, I had zero complaints about incorrect grades in the Spring-19 semester.  Zero!

Read the Louisiana State University business case.


Professor, Chemistry Department, LSU

I wish I had met you 9 months ago.
Austin Welsh, Sage Media

I’m happy because users are progressing through their courses with a lot fewer problems than other platforms we’ve used, and this means I’m spending a lot less time on it. It’s night and day, really.
Janel Rupp

Communications, Fe3 Training, Frontier Energy

there's no alternative to www.aura-software.com when it comes to flexible, agile LMS or better LearnerXperienceSystem


this is working great and I’m impressed by where we are at this point.
Greg S.

This made it much easier – thanks!
Andew Carpenter

Program Associate, CTAA

I was looking for the answer in how to integrate a smooth end-user and development-friendly merger of our SCORMCloud training onto a store and user account interface on our website. There are very few off-the-shelf products that are available … nothing fit like your product Bright. Beyond the ease of integration and brilliant reporting and customizable options Bright has made available to us, your first class tiered support and development structure has been crucial to our deployment.

Your business model had proven incomparable to what I’ve experienced.

Dave Wise

Director, Advocacy & Marketing, Outcome Engenuity LLC

Thanks for making our stuff work 🙂


Tom Baer, PhD

Learning Design, Technology, and Evaluation Administrator, University of Washington | School of Social Work

This is the most flexible piece of e-learning software we've ever seen.


When you responded to our RFP, we didn’t understand all the terminology in the response so we hired a consultant to help us pick our vendor.

Her feedback was that your existing customers loved using your service, and that drove our decision.

Amy Conrick - The Community Transportation Association of America

[Our contact] from Aura – I am very happy with him and his company. He works diligently and tirelessly (all hours of the day/night), all for his customer and that is very much appreciated.
Rob Balfanz

Director, Workforce Development, Vinyl Siding Institute

The cost is reasonable. It’s been a great partnership so far. I enjoy working with Aura and continue to love the product.   05/2023

John H

Professor of Chemistry, LSU