Bright Platform Pricing

Effective: Oct 31 2020

Bright is available as a monthly, all-in fee, inclusive of the costs to run SCORM Cloud. It is therefore not necessary to have a separate paying SCORM Cloud plan, although all of the functionality of SCORM Cloud [like the course publishing and testing environment] is available to Bright customers.

Bright is billed in one of two ways:

– buy your SCORM Cloud plan from Bright/Aura. In this case, we will pay your SCORM Cloud plan for you and rebill it to you on a monthly basis. We also charge a small registration fee for the Bright platform called the “Bright Rider”. The minimum charge is $0/month, and the total fee is based on your total registration count per month.
– Alternately you can choose to pay for Bright as a fixed 33% of your SCORM Cloud plan fee. This is advantageous for very large usage customers.

SCORM Cloud Fees

It is not necessary to pay for a separate SCORM Cloud account. With Bright, you will receive a single invoice for both your SCORM Cloud and Bright charges:

Testing? Size Storage limit? Registrations per month? Overage cost? Price per month?
Trial 3 courses & up to 5GB 10 resettable registrations Free
Tester (NEW) Unlimited 10 resettable registrations $40
Little Unlimited 50/month $3.60 $90
Medium Unlimited 100/month $3.60 $180
Big Unlimited 300/month $0.40 $360
Bigger Unlimited 4,000/month $0.25 $1,100
Mega (NEW) Unlimited 10,000/month $0.12 $2,000
Ultra Unlimited 50,000/month $0.10 $5,000

We pay these for you as part of your Bright plan and you will be rebilled the lowest possible SCORM Cloud fee as part of your monthly invoice.

Bright Fees

The Bright platform is charged a separate pre-registration fee, based on your monthly usage. This Bright platform fee is shown in the following chart:

Registration Per Month Bright Platform Fee [previously known as the Bright Rider]
0-300 $0.25/registration
300-1000 $0.15/registration
1000-3000 $0.10/registration
3000-10000 $0.07/registration
10000- $0.05/registration

You may alternately choose to pay a flat 33% of your SCORM Cloud fees for your Bright platform fee. This can be advantageous for high-volume customers or customers who want to use their own for-pay SCORM Cloud plan.

Bright Sync

Bright sync incurs a 10% surcharge on the total registration fee [before any Bright platform fees are applied] per month, for the first target. Subsequent targets incur a 7% surcharge. For example

Total Registrations Consumed Per Month Num Targets SCORM Cloud Cost Bright Sync Cost (1st Target) Bright Sync Cost (2nd Target) Total
50 1 $90 $9 0 $99
100 2 $180 $18 $12.60 $210.60

Integration Labor

Integration labor is billed hourly, $150/hr.