The BRIGHT E-Learning Platform  … Different By Design

Add SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC content to any WordPress (or Drupal) site.


Delivering SCORM, TinCan/xAPI, cmi5, and AICC content used to mean buying an LMS or making BIG compromises on learner experience.  Not anymore.

Replace an LMS, build an online store for e-learning, or add trackable, launchable courseware to a mobile app or an existing content site.

With lightning-fast deployments, you can get there quicker.


Different By Design

Having It Your Way

Why do people hate their LMS?  No one likes to be in a box.  We tried to build the most flexible, durable, and agile learning platform we could.   This means you can have it your way.  Don’t compromise on your learner’s experience just because your platform told you to.

The Best E-Learning Content Standards Support

SCORM, xAPI, AICC, cmi5.   Yawn.  Powered by SCORM Cloud means eating this stuff for lunch, today, tomorrow, and forever.  Certified standards support means you can use any content production tool, your content just works.

The Most Flexible and Widely Used Publishing Platform

WordPress powers 40% of CMS-backed websites.  Whether you are a WordPress pro or know nothing about it, we can help you launch a great learning site on WordPress.  Running WordPress gives you access to more functionality than you can probably dream of.  Yes, it’s a SCORM plugin for WordPress that you could actually put into production!

A Better Way To Sell Your Courseware

Retain 100% of your sales proceeds.  Integrate virtual and physical products, shipping, taxes, coupons, bulk buys, you name it.  Or just keep it simple, because simple is good.



The Best Way to Integrate SCORM or xAPI/cmi5 content on WordPress

Why re-invent the wheel?  Bright has a brilliant integration for SCORM Cloud on WordPress.  From simply dropping a course on a page, to interactive course catalogs, certificate generation, custom embeddable reports, we’ve got this.

Get The Reporting You Need

With Bright, reports don’t run in a protected Administrator’s area, they can be embedded anywhere.  Define a custom dataset, and put it where you need it.  And your reports can easily include your organizational data.  You need that.

Hosting Your Way

Choose between multi-tenant cloud, private cloud, or on-premise installation.

Any Device

Getting a 100% fully responsive learning site is as easy as picking a responsive WordPress theme, and using a responsive course production tool.

E-Learning Application In A Box

We don’t mind breaking a few rules.  This means the Bright platform offers more extension points than you might expect from a cloud service.   Let us show you some examples to stimulate your imagination about what is possible.

Bright Templating

Bright brings the power of SCORMCloud to WordPress through a powerful templating mechanism. Adding a common LMS function to a page means just embedding a shortcode.   Want to change the default functionality?  We love this part.

API Everywhere

Anything we can do, you can do better.  All aspects of Bright are integrated into WordPress via restful API.   We barely touch the WordPress database.   This means that WordPress is just a tool, but your possibilities go way beyond.  Hook to learning events and integrate with your entire enterprise.


Sell your courseware via the most popular shopping cart on the internet, and keep 100% of the proceeds.   Use one of 100s of payment gateways, build complex commercial scenarios, or just keep it simple.


Your business model had proven incomparable to what I’ve experienced.

Dave Wise

Director, Advocacy & Marketing, Outcome Engenuity LLC

there's no alternative to when it comes to flexible, agile LMS or better LearnerXperienceSystem


This is the most flexible piece of e-learning software we've ever seen.


We hired a consultant to help us pick our vendor.

Her feedback was that your existing customers loved using your service, and that drove our decision.

Amy Conrick - The Community Transportation Association of America

How To Begin

Get In Touch

We love working in e-learning and it’s fun to talk about it.   Feel free to engage us in some brainstorming.  We don’t mind having our brains picked.  Or we can do the picking.

Get A Demo

A great way to get a feel for the capabilities in Bright is to request a demo.  We’ll show you some live sites and that’ll give you a feel for what you can do, and what it costs to get there.

Get A Quote

Work through our quoting tool and we can respond with an informed cost estimate.

Get A Demo Site

Some people learn by doing, we get that.   If you’ve got a course and want to see it live, we can set you up with an online environment where you can have a play.   If you like it, you can keep it too.   Get started for free.

Other Services

Content Services That Delight

We understand that e-learning isn’t much use without great content, and we have a great team of service oriented designers and developers to help you get there.

WebSite Design And Development

Need the whole she-bang?   We can build your entire website [learning or not] and even host and manage it too.  Need a 508 and/or WCAG compliant website?   Been there done that.

Hosting, Management, and Operations

“Adaptable software and adaptable services” is a motto.  Need great hosting and website management?  We’ve got that.

Software Development

We build things that work.