That’s right, everyone’s favorite, GDRP is here.

Bright, not to be left out on the party, has added the following capabilities:

Anonymize Learner Data

The easiest way to GDRP-ize your learner data is to not create and/or obfuscate it in the first place!

Delete a Learner

Need to delete a learner’s data? Get in touch with support, they will get you hooked up.  Whan to delete your entire account?   We can do that too!

What do we collect?


When a learner takes a course using Bright, we collect the information provided by the Bright client to identify the learner [see above].   Typically this is the learner’s email address, first name, and last name, although it can be obfuscated by configuring it as such.

Where a learner takes a course, we will also collect data such as the learner’s quiz scores, the time they spent in training and other data related to the learner’s training performance. We will not use this information for our own purposes, but the account owner has access to this data for his or her own purposes and determines and controls how such information is used.

Where you require information on what information of yours is collected by account owners and customers of ours and for what purposes such data is used and processed, please contact the relevant account owner and customer of our Services.

In no circumstances is learner data ever used by Aura Software for any purpose, other than to provide the Bright service to its account owners.   It is collected for the singular purpose of providing intelligence to account owners and learners as to who has taken what course, and what the results are.


What About SCORMCloud

As Bright uses SCORMCloud for tracking, you should also have a look at the SCORM Cloud Privacy Policy

Note that only the learner’s section is relevant, Bright users in normal processing do not access the SCORMCloud web site, but they do launch training served from